Taking inspiration from early explorers by both air and sea, Sail references the visual language of bushplane tailfins and schooner sails, merging past and present in a contemporary wall-mounted lighting piece.

Sail is an exploration of the skin-on-frame canoe construction technique. It employs the exceptional heat-shrink capability of Dacron, and the steam-bending characteristics of white ash wood. Dacron also provides wonderful light diffusion properties, helping to create a strong, even light source that can easily brighten entire rooms. 

White ash ribs are bent and interwoven to form the billowing body, adding depth and dimension to the lamp with fading shadows and faint outlines of structural components beneath the skin. Small feet give the lamp just enough clearance to flood the wall behind with light as well, serving to lighten the fixture's visual presence and blend it into the room while increasing ambient light in the space.

Dimensions:  L 24" W 36" D 10" 

Details: Made to order from white ash, with black walnut or white ash trim.  A cord with an inline switch makes installation on any wall as easy as hanging a painting.