Hominid Cutting/Serving Boards

Our serving and cutting boards are handcrafted with care and finished to our highest standards. Each piece starts as a raw board end, usually discarded due to faults in the material. We find those faults (splits, checks, knots, etc.) and by careful reading of the grain, remove only the wood that is necessary to produce a beautiful and highly functional kitchen tool.

Every piece of wood is unique, even the ones that don't end up as part of a larger furniture piece. The Hominid serving and cutting boards are our way of honouring every last bit of the trees that become this noble material. With them, we exemplify the unique properties of these left-over boards, and provide them with a higher purpose.

These are not just made to improve your food photography for instagram though. We've designed the Hominid boards for daily use in the kitchen. Every board is double wet sanded to remove any loose grain fibres that might lift when the board is cleaned after use, and subsequently applied with no less than five coats of mineral oil to protect, beautify and provide a smooth, non-stick surface to work on. 

Dimensions:  varied

Details: Made by hand from White Oak, Maple, White Ash, Black Walnut, Elm and others, double wet-sanded and finished with food-safe mineral oil